Business Owner Risk Reduction


  • The Risk Explorer™
    One of the troubles with risk is that it’s recognized by everyone, yet its definition is unique to each individual and family. No effective risk reduction strategy can be implemented that does not first focus on understanding the unique obstacles and opportunities that one faces, as well as the ideal outcomes one is looking to achieve. With the use of such tools as The Business Owner Risk Diagnostic™, The Gold Group Profile™ and the wisdom we’ve spent the last few years creating, The Risk Explorer™ seeks first to understand what makes you unique so that the appropriate strategies can be developed and easily implemented.
  • The Risk Assessment™
    Once we fully understand you we focus on what makes The Gold Group truly special. We begin by running multiple scenarios, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each to your ideal outcomes. We engage other specialized advisors, both yours and a network of advisors we’ve built, to analyze and whittle down your options to only the most effective options.
  • The Risk Report™
    We lay out your situation, obstacles and opportunities in an easily understood format. We provide an analysis of your situation and the specific recommendations that must be implemented to navigate your situation in a simple and easy to implement fashion. The Risk Report™ becomes your basis for managing your future in a simple and timely manner. This report is designed in a fashion that can be easily shared with your current team of advisors, ensuring that everyone stays focused on the same results.
  •  The Risk Reduction Action Plan™
    A successful business does not get built without a plan of action, neither does a successful risk reduction program. Your personalized action plan focuses on the key steps that must be taken and milestones that must be met. The Risk Reduction Action Plan™ is updated on an on-going basis so that you always know that you are on track.
  • The Risk Review™
    With The Business Owner Risk Reduction Program™ running at full steam, new opportunities constantly present themselves, as do new obstacles. The Risk Review™ is a regularly scheduled review to ensure that we are solving problems before they happen, instead of reacting to them. Just as you review the progress of your business to ensure future success, we review your program.
  • The Risk Protector™
    Laws change. Businesses grow. Complexities enter the picture. The Gold Group is constantly navigating what is going on in the world to help ensure that your strategy and program is always geared to your best interests.